Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I volunteered! Yes, this is significant news in two ways! 

1. We were volunteering at a big supermarket called KERO (It's a word play: kero is pronounced the same as "quero", which means "I want" in Portuguese). The plan was to ask shoppers to buy an extra bag of rice or a bottle of oil or a packet of milk powder and donate it to the organisation called "Juntos", which means "together". The food donations are raised for two local orphanages and the oncology department of the paediatrics hospital. 

2. I had to talk to total strangers with my broken Portuguese. 

Total success in both cases! We raised a lot of supplies and I, although shy at the beginning, managed to cough up some good pitches, got the message through and made results! 

That was a feel-good day! 



David McMenemy said...

sounds like you are having a ball. Keep up the good work :)

gopal said...

wish some day i could work for society !!!! anyways keep up the good work go illona go !!!!;)